Usually when I’m looking for a new product or service I inevitably look at customer reviews. Amazon. Walmart. AirBnB. Any online sale. It is the way we all shop in 2020.

For most non Fortune 500 business owners, we serve a very niche market. Nonetheless, our customers’ reviews are valuable for two vital reasons.

First, they act as key testimonials. Even if a lead doesn’t look at your reviews, they are a great third party recommendation that you can show your prospects at some point along the way.

Second, customer reviews allow us to better serve unhappy customers. With a well built marketing automation funnel, you can respond instantly to all your customers. An unhappy customer can automatically get connected with a company rep. A happy customer can automatically be prompted to leave a review.

Marketing automation plays a key role in capturing and growing your customer reviews. With a little planning, your customer review strategy can be a key component to your company’s long-term success.

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